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 Àer is a piece of contemporary dance and electronic music that rethinks the traditional Catalan folk dance of the 'contrapàs' with its music from a current, personal and subjective view, understanding it as an existential, structural and social referent of the moment. By giving great importance to the social circumstances of the moment, we rethink them and analyze them by extrapolating them to the current moment.

Àer reflects on the origin and execution of the 'contrapàs', of religious origin, of solemn character and originally executed only by men.

Àer approach the religion as the belief or confidence in the unity of the group, from the desire for something tangible, as the will takes a leading role for the persistent work to achieve something. So his solemn and serious character is maintained to build a choreography where the genre loses importance to be danced by men and women.

Delfí Colomé 2018 AWARD

Candidate for the max awards 2020, for best choreography


Idea and direction: Laia Santanach

Choreography: Laia Santanach with the collaboration of the interpreters 

Dancers: Anna Hierro, Laia Santanach y Mario G. Sáez

Musical Composition: Carlos Martorell

External View: Sonia Gómez

Image: Ignasi Castañé

Photography: Nora Baylach

Technician: Jou Serra

Production: El climamola

Management International: Stane-spam

-Premiere August 2019- 


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