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Ballant Ballàvem

Ballant Ballàvem is a poetic, dynamic and explosive work.

A visual game that gives rise to words in movement, danced expressions and compound sensations and states.

A work that expresses the parallelism between the choice of the gesture and its apparent meaning. Where each word illustrates a movement.

An energetic and dynamic solo where the artist invites us to her world of improvisation in a space-time relationship in play with the viewer.

Ballant Ballàvem is part of the APDC call, Báilame un libro. This has only been premiered at Sismògraf 2017. 


Creation: Laia Santanach

Dancer: Laia Santanach

Musical Collage: Cligbcn Productions

Music: Pan Sonic, Fink

Duration: 20minuts.

Image and video: Ignasi Castañé

Productionn: Apdc

-Premiere May 2016-

Colaboration: Univeristat Autònoma de Barcelona, Nunart, Sismògraf, Escola Bàrkeno en colaboración con el Mercat de les Flors.

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