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Acting & Drama Classes

Physical Tools
I propose a class starting with an active warm-up to prepare the body and to reach the end of the class with maximum physical performance exploring the limits of the body in movement. For this I combine elements of different contemporary techniques exploring floor and standing work.
We work the torso, the spirals, twists, out balances and suspensions as well as the dynamics in the movement and its musicality.


I have given workshops and intensive courses in schools and spaces such as Àrea, Rogelio Rivel circus school, Cobosmika Seed's, Nunart, Som-hi Dansa, ESDM, Descalzhina (Madrid), DASS project, Menorca festival in Dansa, and for 6 years as a teaching support for the CSD of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.

I am currently a teacher in the dance and creation classroom at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.




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